Sonila Musai

I would encourage my colleagues or the new journalist that face difficult situations such as mine to not give up on their dreams. We should act together, and we should report the truth.

Antela Lika

I encourage all my colleague to go beyond press conferences, to go beyond the facades, to go beyond the already prepared press releases by newsrooms.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Tanja Topić

What is devastating is that as citizens we are unprotected and that the masks have definitely fallen, that the courts and prosecutor's offices are under political pressure.

Dalija Hasanbegović-Konaković

It is very important to show support from the beginning, to show that we are together, to point out anomalies that we cannot accept. Cyber violence and hate speech is not something that should be normalized.


Živana Šušak Živković

But what was the biggest trigger for me to move on is the realization that what we are doing is a true calling - the defense of the public interest.

Andrea Topić

If you report, you are seen conflicted, that you are a problem. Then tomorrow employers will not want to hire you because you are problematic, and not because you are a woman and you go to the field to film things and then you get attacked.


Zana Cimili

The need to inform correctly as well as such threats have encouraged me that I should continue my work regardless of the fact that I may be their target.

Saranda Ramaj

I believe that the truth is always the most important and no threat can stop any journalist from doing their work.


Milka Tadić Mijović

It affected me in some way, but also it strengthened me to continue with my colleagues from "Monitor" and now the Center for Investigative Journalism (CIN) to investigate and to work only and exclusively in one interest - in the interest of the public.

Ana Popović

When you love something so much, it's hard to give it up, and when you know you're doing your work professionally and in accordance with ethical standards, you know you're on the right track!

North Macedonia

Maja Jovanovska

We must not be silent because, as my colleague, Nikola Mladenov would say, "We want a society of free people, they want a bunch of spineless sycophants, and there is no compromise here." We will not be silent!

Arbana Kjerimi

Because every day we make contributions and fight for the truth to come out because I realy love the profession that I do - and that kept me going


Jelena Obućina

Any withdrawal would be a reward to the bullies, and we will not do that.

Jelena Zorić

In fact, the best defense is to continue being a journalist.